The Brewhouse

The former brewery building the Brewhouse is a lively all brick room dating back to 1870. With a capacity of ninety-five, the room gives an intimate and unique sounding live music experience.

Brewhouse Stage Area

A drum riser can be provided

Our Equipment

If you’d like to bring your own PA/Mixer/Monitors let us know, and if there’s anything you require that’s not listed below please get into touch with Steve using the number below.


Alto TS312  (2000W peak, 1000W RMS) (x2)
Alto TS315S (2000W peak, 1000W RMS) (x2)

Soundcraft Ui16

12x inputs (8x Combo + 4 XLR)
6x outputs (6x XLR)
2x Amp sim channels


Shure SM57
Shure SM58 (x2)
Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 52A
Behringer B 906
Audio-Technica Pro 61
Behringer XM8500 (x3)
Behringer C2 (Pair)
AKG D870


Behringer F1220D Eurolive (x4)
Alto TX208 (x4)

Parking and Storage

There is a large car park separated into different areas and can be accessed via Blowers Green Road. As for storage, the Brewhouse will be locked during the day and there’s a locked storage room accessible via stairs and lift on the first floor.

Contact Us

Get in touch with Steve via the form below or by email or by phone 07723 122814

Please include a link to where we can hear you (Soundcloud/Spotify/Youtube), or invite us to a local gig.