Get Booked

Get in touch with Steve via the form below or by email or by mobile 07483214201

Please include a link to where we can hear you (Soundcloud/Spotify/Youtube).

Parking and Storage

There is a large car park separated into different areas and can be accessed via Blowers Green Road. As for storage, the Brewhouse will be locked during the day and there’s a locked storage room accessible via stairs and lift on the first floor.

Brewhouse Stage Area

A carpeted drum riser will be provided and will sit between the two plug sockets on the back wall.

Our Equipment

If you’d like to bring your own PA/Mixer/Monitors let us know, and if there’s anything you require that’s not listed below please get into touch with Steve using the number above.

Soundcraft Ui16

12x inputs (8x Combo + 4 XLR)
6x outputs (4x XLR + 2 Jack)
2x Amp sim channels


Shure SM58
Audio-Technica Pro 61
Behringer XM8500 (x3)
AKG D870
PreSonus M7


Alto TX208 (x4)
150w passives (x2)